Tile Flooring

In Royal 22 Constructions & Renovation we committed to make every detail on the go-to experts for your entire custom tile flooring ideas. We are highly skilled professionals who stand behind since years of experiences in installation, designing, selecting and quality.

The benefits of tile flooring are boundless and limitless. When you collaborate with Royal 22 Construction & Renovation, our educated and skilled professionals will help you to make your kitchen, bathroom, basement, and any other tiling project ideas to come into your life. We are filled with advanced tools, technology and installation techniques combined with the durability and un-affected quality of our tile that will give you an extent and long lasting beauty which is super easy to clean.

Our professionals understand when you make an investment in any new floors, a wide selection is essential in achieving the 100% customer satisfaction. Let us hold to work with you to make your renovation dreams a problem free reality. We are specialize in providing you a vast selection of tile flooring at a cost per square foot that will make you enjoy your new space when it get finished.

Tile Flooring Design Options:

    1. Ceramic
    2. Vinyl
    3. Slate
    4. Wood
    5. Marble
    6. Stone
    1. Tile size matters and so do color options when it comes to customization. We will match your vision by going above and beyond to offer a superior selection of:

    2. Texture
    3. Shape and size
    4. Color
    5. Material

Many of your neighborhoods have been enjoying the benefits of tile flooring in every single room. Let us stand to work on matching your surface with your personal taste, style and manner, whether it is classical, contemporary or something totally unique.

Selecting the perfect design, sign, quantity, texture and shape for your project can be courageous act for your own. Royal 22 Construction & Renovation will get it right at the very first time so that you can enjoy your life while our team will take cares of all the measurements, installation and delivery.

You can have a confusion free, hassle free, concern free flooring experiences from starting to end. – Just give us a call, stop by our showroom or make a direct contact with our website.

Tile Flooring Installation and Delivery

We have been delivering and installing tile flooring for years. We know that preparation is essential to give an expertly tile floor that will stand up to your expectations and thoughts. Let us take the estimation out of tiling for you. Our installation team is highly trained and works efficiently and respectfully to ensure your surfaces are covered with accuracy and in a timely manner so you can get right to enjoying your newly renovated space.

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