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When you think about your home and all of sudden some problems strike out of your mind, like a step that always make a harsh and loud sound or a tap that has been leaking since a time. Little issues like these that you have ignored for a while, but still not completed.

Many home owners come up with their minor and major problems related with their house to us. With Royal 22 Construction & Renovation’s expert home repair services, there is no need to wait for long. We are specialize in providing high quality, long lasting repairs to the homes and can handle almost everything from broken windows to damaged drywall.

  • The Perfect Home Repair Company

    The average home owner can normally make small adjustments around the house, but for the vast majority of issues which make sense to leave it up to a professional company because changing a burnt out bulb is one thing, but rewiring the complete light fixture is another thing and unless you are know what you are doing, you can seriously harm yourself.

    At Royal 22 Construction & Renovation, our staff is well trained in providing wide range of repairs making us the most perfect company to resolve any issue that your home needed.

  • Trusted Home Repair Professionals

    In recent days, more and more peoples are offering their services to those who are in need of home repairs, so it can be really tough to judge that the company you have selected for yourself is worth of your expectations or not.

    Being fully licensed and bonded on top, we are also backed up by the support of many satisfied customers which prove that working with us is totally risk free. Randomly anyone cannot roll forward, but it takes years of experiences and education to properly and safely perform home repairs. For a company you can count on to do the job at the right time, you can rely on Royal 22 Construction & Renovation.

  • Need Home Repairs?

    We are certified to repair every part of your home. Here are just some of the services we can provide to the homeowners:

    1. Painting and wallpapering
    2. Tile repair and installation
    3. Deck installation, refinishing and repairs
    4. Drywall replacement and repairs
    5. Duct cleaning
    6. Drain cleaning and repair

    If you find something missing on the list, just ask our team members who are holding a diverse background, so if it has to do with your pretty home we are here to help you out.

Fix Your Home with Royal 22 Construction & Renovation

One cannot become one of the most respected home repair companies by offering less than ideal service. We've worked very hard since the beginning to go beyond the client expectations and satisfaction on every step of the way. Sometimes it's the little things, like wearing shoe covers to prevent a mess, or it's in bigger ways, like by providing free, detailed quotes that allow our clients to stay on track financially.

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