Electrical problems pop up anytime without a prior notice. From blown fuses to power flows, problems with your electrical system can come out from nowhere. Don’t be shocked when the issue arrive just give a call to Royal 22 Construction & Renovation which is a licensed, professional electrical company with the efficient technicians who are capable of solving any electrical problem held at your home or commercial area to reduce any trouble occurring on your routine.

Trusted Electricians

When your home or office is affected by electrical problems, it isn't something that can wait. For a business, electrical issues can severely impact staff productivity, and at home, they can make basic chores next to impossible.

Whether you are currently experiencing difficulties, or just need the name of a trusted electrical company for when an issue comes up, give us a call today. Once you work with us once, you'll understand why so many of our customers have been with us since the very start.

Electrical Experts

Electrical work are complicated and a different thing. Many systems are different, and if you aren't fully confident and properly trained, you can severely injure yourself and cause even further damage to the system. Professional electricians are able to quickly identify the issues and work to correct them, preventing future problems from arising.

For electrical problems whether big or small, you can rely on us to have your system up and running in no time, you will be happy from us for the entire and affordable price.

Maintain Your Electrical System

A responsible property owner is one who maintains their electrical system through regular inspection. The best way to prevent problems from occurring is to develop a maintenance schedule.

During these inspections, a qualified electrician from Royal 22 Construction & Renovation can go over your entire electrical system, checking it to make sure that everything is running as it should be.

If we come across any problems, they can be quickly dealt with, saving you from larger expenses in the future. These inspections are designed to protect home and business owners from heavy fines or problems that arise due to outdated wiring or systems that are totally unsafe.

Fix Electrical Problems

One of the most important qualities an electrician can have is reliability. When you hire a Royal 22 Construction & Renovation electrician, they will be at your door right on time, ready to take care of whatever the problem is.

Electrical problems can be very disturbing, so there's no need to make things more frustrating by working with a technician who is unqualified or unreliable. The work we do is backed up by countless happy customers over the years, so you can believe it when we say we're one of the top companies in town.

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